• Medicine Unwrapped Medicine Unwrapped Portrait of Germaine Sitting Crow, oil and acrylic 60" x 36"
  • Medicine Wrapped Medicine Wrapped Portrait of Germaine Sitting Crow, oil 48" x 48"


"Landon is a skilled portraitist...each of her subjects is embued with an intense individuality."  The Washington Post    

The creative process of painting a portrait begins with my meeting the person I am to paint. Because I believe I am painting a biographical image and not just a snapshot of the person, I Iearn as much about the life of my subject as they are willing to share.

During our visit I photograph them and later develop ideas for the design of the composition and the general palette. I draw a cartoon of the painting and present it to my client for their approval. Once the client approves the cartoon, I finish the portrait. 

Generally I paint within a square format because it is a geometric form distinct to humans – the perfect square is found in nature only in the human mind.



These portraits are painted with acrylic paint, charcoal and pastel on 100% watercolor rag paper. 


I am glad to receive dog, cat, and horse portrait commissions

As with human portraits, I prefer to meet and spend time with the animal I am painting.